Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Red Light, Green Light...Yeah, Right

In…a country, somewhere, there’s a street dog who can apparently follow traffic laws. 

This is an obvious nope. Traffic lights come in red and green. Dogs can see neither:

But wait! What if the dog is responding to the different position of the light, not the different colors? Still nope. Look at 0:42 - the dog gets up and starts to cross the street when the light is still red, but then a vehicle drives past. The light actually turns green immediately before the bus goes past, while the dog is still standing. This suggests it’s the flow of traffic that’s the salient cue here, not the light. Our hero is being eminently sensible, following the Muted-grey-with-a-bit-of-blue-and-yellow Cross Code, and waiting until there’s no traffic before crossing the street. 

Still pretty smart!

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