Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Distempo: The Saddest Dog on the Dancefloor

This video suggests that the laid-back Caribbean lifestyle even extends to dogs: 

Sadly, we’re not witnessing the birth of the first cross-species breakin’ crew here (if that’s ever going to happen, it’ll probably be with cockatoos, not dogs). This dog has myoclonus, a painful neurological condition that causes constant muscle spasms. The most common cause of myoclonus is the distemper virus, which is why pet dogs are vaccinated. Street dogs in Jamaica, not so lucky. Here’s another example, showing it for what it is. 

Even with that funky ragga music, the dog is having no fun at all. Its ears are pinned, it’s backing away, and despite the video quality you can see the whites of its eyes - all clear signals of stress. Chances are the dog wants to get the heck away from this weird pulsating man, but can’t because of the spasms. Just in case you weren’t miserable enough, y’know. 

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